QuickBooks Mac

Intuit’s QuickBooks Mac accounting software is a unique version that draws some of the best features from QuickBooks Pro and impressive design aspects from QuickBooks Online. QuickBooks Mac is typically an on-premise product, but it is possible to get it hosted on demand.

Salient Features

While QuickBooks Mac has all essential features needed to manage your business operations quite effectively, features aren’t comparable to those on QuickBooks Pro. Available features vastly improve the business efficiency of an otherwise manual system.

You can:

  • Create/Send Invoices and Estimates
  • Manage Budgeting
  • Manage Customers/Contacts
  • Track Time
  • Track Job Costs (comprehensive job tracking is possible)
  • Pay Bills
  • Track Income and Expenses
  • Handle Basic Inventory /Class Tracking
  • Address all common reporting requirements (over 100 inbuilt reports)
  • Create and Manage To-do-lists
  • Create Sales Taxes
  • Assign Default Sales Tax to Items and Customers

Payroll integration and Bank reconciliation features though are optional and are available at an additional cost.

Primarily catering to Mac users running small businesses, the software has several Mac-friendly features including but not limited to the ones listed here that prove quite useful. You will be able to:

  • Synchronize contacts with the Address Book on QuickBooks MAC system
  • Setup reminders on iCalendar
  • View notifications on MAC’s menu bar

QuickBooks Mac – Is it Right For You?

One QuickBooks Mac license supports a single user and installation across three different machines. A maximum of three users are permitted to use the software, subject to extra charges for each additional user.  If your business relies on third party software or applications for daily operations, QuickBooks Mac may not serve you best, as integrations with external software is far limited when compared to other QuickBooks versions.

QuickBooks Mac, however, is not the only QuickBooks software available for MAC users. Take time to check out the free trial version and discuss your options with us before deciding on the right product.

Get in touch with us to better understand which QuickBooks version and installation option best addresses your requirements, and avail our installation services should you wish to go with QuickBooks accounting software.

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