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QuickBooks Desktop is one of the most affordable, feature enriched and robust accounting software. This software is loaded with several significant accounting and bookkeeping features that simplify and automate several complex day-to-day financial tasks. However, there are certain limitations as well related to QuickBooks Desktop.

One of the major limitations of QuickBooks Desktop is that if this software is hosted on the local server or a network then it can’t be accessible from a remote location. In fact, if you want to access QuickBooks files at any given point in time then you will be unable to do so. QuickBooks hosted on the cloud server, however, gives more power to QuickBooks by making it mobile, secure and robust.

By hosting QuickBooks on our cloud server, you can easily access QuickBooks from anywhere, at any time and from any devices. With QuickBooks hosting, you also get the most sophisticated ecosystem that guarantees optimal data security, flexibility and zero IT downtime. To build the contemporary accounting system by availing QuickBooks hosting reach us now.

Amazing Benefits of QuickBooks Hosting

By hosting QuickBooks Desktop on a cloud server, you get a wide array of benefits. These benefits primarily include the following.

Dedicated Server

With QuickBooks hosting, leverage more on QuickBooks with dedicated cloud server that enhances the overall accounting experience of your business.

Unlimited Data Storage

If you have a heavy-sized QuickBooks files then you don’t need to worry anymore by hosting QuickBooks on the cloud server.

Optimum Data Security

Get your business-critical QuickBooks data secured in the three layered, SSAE certified data center and 128 bit QuickBooks data encryption.

Multi-user Accessibility

By hosting QuickBooks on a cloud server, multiple users can simultaneously access the same QuickBooks files and that too with added security.

Access Multiple Files

If you want to access multiple QuickBooks files at the same point in time then get your QuickBooks hosted on the cloud server now.

Multi-device Accessibility

Access QuickBooks Desktop from any device you love, such as iPad, Macbook, Android smartphones or more by hosting QuickBooks on a cloud server.

No Contract, No Risk

One of the major advantages of hosting QuickBooks on a cloud server is that there is no time-bound contract due to which there is no risk involved.

Reduced IT Upfront Cost

By hosting QuickBooks on a cloud server, you no longer need to invest in the internal IT infrastructure and its maintenance for your business.

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Optimum Safety of QuickBooks Data Is Our Promise

Every single data stored on QuickBooks accounting software is business-critical. In fact, QuickBooks data is categorized as Personally Identifiable Information (PII) that has potential to reveal confidential details of your business in front of an unauthorized person or an entity. QuickBooks hosting, however, ensures optimum QuickBooks data security. We at AUDINC has the following infrastructural prerequisites that takes care of your QuickBooks data.

Highest Standards and Compliance

We at AUDINC, follow the stringent laws of the land that includes on the provisions, standards and compliance for data security.

Tier IV Data Centers

We host QuickBooks on our Tier IV state-of-the art data center that ensure highest level of QuickBooks data security.

128 Bit Encryption

To ensure that no unauthorized person get access to the business-critical information of your QuickBooks, we have recently deployed 128 bit data encryption.

Multi-layered Architecture

QuickBooks hosted on our cloud server is always save. With the application of a multi-layered architecture we ensure that you get smooth accessibility to QuickBooks.

Authorized Intuit Reseller

AUDINC is well-recognized Intuit Authorized Reseller and Consulting Firm with a number of satisfied clients countrywide. We hold strong expertise in a variety of QuickBooks® implementation, integration and further business processes. We have a team of highly proficient and skilled professionals to handle various QuickBooks® progressions for clients across several industries. Simply, we have all the qualities needed for an expert destination.

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Certified QuickBooks Experts

If you are looking for QuickBooks experts to provide you professional business management solution and technology consulting services, we can help. Our organization holds experience to perform thousands of client engagements across numerous industries. Our exclusive services help your business’ growing business needs and bring you competent way for the fulfillment. We provide the experience and expertise you can rely on. Go with our services and get what is right for your business.


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  • Safe and secure cloud environment for QuickBooks data backup
  • Complimentary QuickBooks data backup consulting services
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