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QuickBooks consists of several business-critical financial data. An incident of data loss or damage can bring your business to standstill. It is, therefore, important to have the proper mechanism to recover the lost QuickBooks data files. AUDINC, the leading accounting, bookkeeping and taxation service provider in the United States offers secure and instant QuickBooks data recovery services.

Our QuickBooks experts make sure that you always have the well-formulated strategy to ensure fast recovery and repair of lost and damaged data files respectively. We also make you understand different scenarios, such as QuickBooks file conversion and migration, etc when QuickBooks data may be most vulnerable and what different precautionary steps you need to follow for preventing any mishap such as QuickBooks data loss and damage.

Reasons Behind QuickBooks Data Loss or Damage

There are several reasons behind QuickBooks data loss or data damage. As a normal QuickBooks user, if you have a basic understanding of the reasons that lead to data damage then you can efficiently adopt precautionary measures to control any such mishaps. Let’s look at the prominent reasons behind QuickBooks data loss or data damage.

Performance Bottlenecks

If you have an outdated workstation with heavy-sized QuickBooks data files then at any point in time, the entire system can crash and lead to QuickBooks data loss.

Network Errors

In case, if you are using QuickBooks in a multi-user mode, and one of the systems loses connection then you may face QuickBooks data loss during the period of network loss and network reconnection.

Power Blips

While adding or making changes in QuickBooks company file if there is an incident of power blip in your office then QuickBooks database can get corrupt and lead to QuickBooks data damage.

Bad Software

Bad software in form of malware, spyware, worms, trojans, etc. can also lead to mishaps such as QuickBooks data loss or damage. And, therefore, to prevent such mishap it is important to have the advanced antivirus software for your workstation.

Disk Crashes

One of the common reasons behind QuickBooks data loss is crashing of a hard drive. Hard disks are a mechanical device and they can tend to fail in time.

Human Errors

Well, human errors leading to QuickBooks data loss is next to impossible unless a QuickBooks user doesn’t do something silly such as switch off the network cable.

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Is Your QuickBooks Data File Corrupt?

Many a time, due to hectic work life, it may difficult to spot corrupt or damaged QuickBooks data. There are several symptoms that shows that the business-critical QuickBooks data files are damaged and you need instant QuickBooks data recovery services. These symptoms are:

  • System shutdown without any notification
  • Errors in data files such as balance sheets
  • QuickBooks performance slowdowns
  • Missing entries from lists and transactions
  • Error messages such as “Data Errors Prevent QuickBooks from Continuing,” and “Run Verify Data tools.”

Free Tools to Recover Damaged or Lost QuickBooks Data

There are several free tools available using which you can recover damaged or lost QuickBooks data. But, in case, if you are not a tech geek then please avoid using of these tools and instantly consult an experienced and certified QuickBooks data recovery service provider.

Manual Method

The most common troubleshooting method to recover the lost data is to manually use QuickBooks Verify Data and Rebuild Data tools.


Reboot.bat repairs the damaged Windows components of QuickBooks company file and helps to recover the damaged QuickBooks data file.

QuickBooks Diagnostic Tool

QuickBooks Diagnostic tool is yet another tool that diagnoses and repairs the damaged Microsoft.NET Framework, C++, MSXML and other critical components of a QuickBooks file.

Component Repair Tool

QuickBooks Repair tool is a QB install tool that resolves all the issues that prevent smooth functioning of QuickBooks due to QuickBooks data damage.

QuickBooks File Doctor

QuickBooks File Doctor is old yet important tool that troubleshoots all the issues related to data corruption, network setup problems and window setup problems.

Secure and Instant Data Recovery Solution

We at AUDINC offer secure and instant data recovery solution for the most complex data damage, data corruption and data loss problems pertaining to QuickBooks. In any scenario when you encounter with issues related to QuickBooks data then you just need to contact our QuickBooks experts.

Certified and experienced team of QuickBooks experts at AUDINC will help you with instant data recovery services by using the contemporary Auto Data Recovery (ADR) feature that is embedded with QuickBooks Desktop accounting software.

To recover your business-critical QuickBooks data, our QuickBooks experts properly analyze .QBW (QuickBooks Working File), .QBB (QuickBooks Backup File), .QBM (Mobile Version of QuickBooks File), ND (Network Data File) and AIF (File Created During Import Operations).

After the analysis of different QuickBooks files get completed, our QuickBooks data recovery experts uses two ways following which ADR recovers your damaged or corrupt QuickBooks data files. These two steps are:

  • Recreate lost transactions files by using the current Transaction Log file and a copy of QuickBooks Company file.
  • Recreate all but the last few hours of transactions files with a copy of both QuickBooks Company file and Transaction Log file.

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