Quickbooks for Small Business – Why is it important

Small Business firms are always under pressure to deliver impressive results using limited resources, be it funds, infrastructure or staff.  Automating business operations can to a large extent reduce the time and effort spent on routine tasks that are otherwise done manually.

Quickbooks – Notable Benefits

As a small business owner, there are several ways in which using Quickbooks can prove beneficial.

User-friendly, Reliable

Quickbooks accounting software, irrespective of the variant you choose, is a tried and tested product that is quite easy to use. It is of course important for you/ your employees to use the features in the right manner to derive the best results as it is possible to customize the software to meet business-specific practices. Getting trained to use relevant QuickBooks features can make routine tasks a breeze.

Streamlined Accounting

Recording, maintaining, and tracking financial information using Quickbooks is far simpler, and error free, than done manually. Business finance details are all stored in a single place. Financial records are compliant with standard accounting methods and practices and can easily be used to present accounting data in “double-entry format” as and when required.

Secure, Centralized Data

Storing sensitive business data in a password-protected centralized repository ensures that proprietary and valuable information doesn’t fall in wrong hands.  Your data is accessible anytime, anywhere from a range of personal devices including mobile phones and tablets, only to authorized users.

Third Party Software Compatibility

QuickBooks can seamlessly integrate with third party applications including vertical market apps, making it possible to directly transfer relevant data from external sources into the centralized data store. Several QuickBooks Apps, on the other hand serve to bridge any other missing business functionality that you may require.


There are several QuickBooks variants (for desktop and online use) to choose from and it is also possible for businesses to upgrade to the best version that suits changing needs as they grow and evolve. Pricing and features do tend to vary based on the chosen version.  Small businesses likely to outgrow the offerings of the basic versions can easily transition to a higher variant without much hassle.  It is equally possible to opt for new functions as and when you expand your offerings, without an upgrade.  Be it more features or more users or both, QuickBooks is scalable

Easy Tax Compliance

With all finance and accounting information readily available in the system, QuickBooks makes it easier to tide through the annual tax season.  It is however important to note that you must have a right process in place to retrieve relevant details from the system, and accordingly file tax returns. Generating tax forms for employees is also relatively faster and simple when compared to the manual process.

Exhaustive Reports

A neat collection of over 40 reports commonly used across different businesses are built into QuickBooks. Generating financial reports, including forecasts, and exporting them to MS Excel or MS Word is quite an easy task.

Automated Backup

Automatic backup of QuickBooks data ensures that your financial data remains safe and secure, ready to be restored as and when need arises. Data backup and recovery is a valuable service that ensures business continuity in dire situations when business data is lost or damaged beyond repair.

Real-time Tracking of Business functions

QuickBooks enables you to track business functions in real time and view the financial health of your business all in a single dashboard. Simply click on a report or account head to watch the details being displayed on screen.

Intuit’s QuickBooks enables small businesses such as yours to work smarter and faster by offering a host of features, which help improve operational efficiency and bottom line eventually. You don’t have be an accounting professional to use this software.

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